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Investments In Life Should Begin Early 

Anshul Arzare stated on the show “There is nothing like I can invest only when I have surplus”. 

Investment begins when you have your future in sight. You should start with small and invest in diverse portfolios. Discipline is the key to better financial planning. A continuous process can build a defined method of saving. You can gradually grow their financial portfolios as income increases over the time. 

A customer should invest in insurance at an early age as premiums are less and benefits are large. Then with growth in wealth you can invest on a month to month basis on SIP, equity, mutual fund, RD, stocks and ETFs. But the most important thing is to continue with your premium and investment payments. You should never break the process. 

Earlier in the 80s and 90s more traditional forms of investments were followed. Economy was not opened up. Income was less. Investable surplus was limited. But income has grown in the last 20 years. GDP value has gone up. Avenue for investments have opened up. Huge money is available with retail investors. The biggest difference has been the way risk is perceived now. New generations are more risk averse. They are more confident that risks can be adjusted with planning and a diverse portfolio. Awareness for wealth management has grown multifold in the last 20 years. Plus technology has brought a humongous change in the way one purchases and does their research for investments. Data is available on your fingertips. Advices are available in a couple of clicks. You can purchase on the go. Technology is now, therefore, considered an investment for better service to customers by financial institutions. 

A good adviser is also a must for your financial planning. Be it short term or long term you need a better plan. A great financial adviser can help you plan better by measuring your risk appetite and your assets. As when you wish to buy a policy a comparison of products is very important. When you invest in a stock, a sound research about the company, the sector, how it is performing, how well their profit sheets and how well are they placed in the market is utmost important. With startups going public there has been a movement towards purchasing startup stocks. But the most important criteria is still to assess the stock, if the business is correct, if the management is sound, if the P&L statements are up to date and if the business is making money. Here a good adviser and a great research team plays a vital role. 

For people who already have wealth their focus should be first on wealth protection as discussed by Anshul. Expectation from the portfolio shouldn’t be sky high to avoid risks but should focus on steady growth and protection. A conservative approach plays an important role at this position

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