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Power of Compounding and Timely Investments

Life is all about experiences and giving back as shared by Mr. Harish Bhat, Brand Custodian, Tata Sons.

Harish Bhat has published many novels. A recent one shares stories from the Tata Group called #TataStories: 40 Timeless Tales to Inspire You. He began his conversation with Divya Tusnial, sharing ideas on how he planned his book. Then, he beautifully sighted a comparison between selection of 40 right stories among 1000 for the book to selection of the appropriate financial instrument from many in the market. He said you have to be very careful and choosy when you select your wealth plan. He informed Divya that whenever we invest we are investing our hard earned money so stay curious. Curiosity to learn more with an open mind can help us find the right financial plan.

Harish first shared why he believes in the power of compounding, long term financial deliverables. He said the power of compounding can really make a difference to your investment strategies with three important parameters: a trustworthy investment destination, your risk appetite, and your investment horizons based on your goal sheets. Though Harish believes most in the power of compounding he also believes in a diversified portfolio. Harish has his share of wealth in direct equity, mutual fund, real estate, retirement funds and insurance. 

As the conversation depend, Divya asked more about his wealth plans. Harish informed Divya that among all investments he sees life insurance as the most important investment because unless you cannot seize opportunities, you cannot mitigate uncertainties. Divya also asked Harish if he has taken any wrong financial decisions in life. Harish said indeed he has made many mistakes. Sighting examples of his loss, he voiced that you should always understand the fundamentals of a company before you invest in the market. 

Harish concluded with three tips from career, investment, and personal front. He shared that it takes time to identify your real interest with regards to your career. You might join a company after your MBA but take risks to identify if that is where you want to work or if you have a different aim in life. On the investment front he informed Divya, investments should start early with the first paycheck. Lastly, on a personal note, he shared, you have to build credibility and trust with your career. People should identify you for your honesty and handwork.

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