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Parveen Chander Kumar, Senior Vice -President, Sales & Marketing, IHCL was the next guest on Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial show telecasted on 25th June on ET Now. Parveen brings 29 years of experience with the country’s greatest hotel group the Taj. His ideas on financial planning are detail oriented and visionary.

Parveen shared details of his exciting journey with the Taj group. He has been associated with all major hotels under the brand. He shared his magnificent experience from pre, during and post covid times. He emphasised on how financial planning helps any hotel industry. The industry functioned and focussed into many different aspects for finance pre covid and post covid how the orientation has revamped. He also informed covid has taught them to bring new business ideas which are here to stay. He spoke about the Qmin App and Ama stays and trails. These businesses have given the group a new source of income and works with the way customers want to receive service.

Parveen also discussed his tips with Divya on better financial planning and management. He shared that you should have an eye for detail, should be consistent with your planning and should have long term visions or goals. Parveen sounded conservative but opportunistic in his approach to financial well being. Parveen also shared some personal experiences and beliefs with Divya. He also said when it comes to wealth management you should always think of the end first. If you have a dream and you know what you want to achieve it can help with your personal goals.  

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