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Riding on Entrepreneurship passion while managing personal finances – Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh arrived on the show with her brand of energy and bubbly flavor. The Co-Founder and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, India’s fastest-growing beauty brand, was quite proud to reveal that she followed the show and was quite interested in the previous episodes.  

We were honored that she chose our platform to orate her learnings of the industry and the wisdom she collected on the way. At the age of 23, Vineeta dared to do something most of us would have struggled with, even now. She turned down a lucrative job offer in favor of starting her own business. The entrepreneurial dream burned bright inside of her, ever since she was merely 17 years of age. 

She had always been passionate about building something of herself, giving it form and structure. Something to call her own. Her dreams led her toward the creation of Sugar Cosmetics. Vineeta is also an athlete of a respectable caliber. She has participated in and completed several marathons and triathlons. Her competitive nature has also seeped into her business for her desire to never give up is frequently chiseled into perfection. She compares her marathons with being an entrepreneur and notes how similar both journeys tend to be. Each hurdle is a lesson and one needs to learn to celebrate the milestones, no matter how small they might be. According to her, setbacks and obstacles are a part of life and the most important thing is to just show up for the race. When asked about her strategies for personal finance, she laughed and admitted that she trusts her finance manager to deal with it. The majority of her revenue collection is from her company and others she has invested in; her policy of investing is one of Invest & Forget. She has had a few mentors in her life and they let her in on some good advice. One such piece of advice was that an entrepreneur needs to diversify their investment portfolio.  

On the topic of women empowerment, Vineeta had been a pioneer in the industry. Both vocally and practically. She firmly believes that the key to empowerment is financial independence. Every woman should thrive to reach a level of personal financial independence, where they need not rely on anyone for aid. The sense of liberty is addicting once they get a taste of it. Vineeta was also asked for three nuggets of wisdom for the youth and she graciously consented. One, an individual needs to be consistent and patient with their profile. Easy solutions are often too good to be true and one must always remember that there are no shortcuts. Second, it is always better to start early. In an early stage of their lives, an individual won’t be burdened with the same responsibilities as they would at a later stage. And third, figuring out their passion. Money isn’t the end goal, money with happiness is. Her brand being one of the fastest-growing beauty brands in the nation, she does plan on expanding on Television to reach an audience that isn’t so technologically savvy.

On an end note, Vineeta Singh proved to us that she is human after all when she admitted her love for Rajma Chawal and Chole Bhature. When she isn’t expanding the horizons of her company, Vineeta can be found enjoying her day with any physical activity, namely jogging. Running is her meditation. Watch this insightful episode of Manage Wealth with Divya Tusnial with Vineeta Singh on Manage Wealth Show YouTube page.

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