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An extraordinary journey and investment planning demystified – Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar, CEO and founder of Yubi previously known as Cred with Divya Tusnial show telecasted on 17th December on ET Now. Gaurav shared his views on SMEs and shares his thoughts on debt deficient post covid pandemic. He believes that India is standing out in the macro largely because of how SMEs have been shaped during the pandemic and the credit for that goes to the government. According to him the backbone of the Indian growth story this decade is mainly going to be around how SME growth looks like.  

He also spoke about the diversification of the source of funding and the utilization of working capital. He believes that in coming years, people will witness of catalytic effect on the entire SME if the access to debt and working capital can be worked upon. He further shared his views on how different economies are dealing with debt and its correlation with their GDPs. He emphasized the role of borrowing in our countries’ development and future endeavors. He believes that in the next 10 to 20 years a massive curve in the countries’ growth will be observed. He further gave some advice on what all factors should be taken into account while taking a loan. He strongly emphasized the leverage ratio on both individual and enterprise levels. According to him, it should always be kept low. 

Gaurav shared his journey of starting YUBI and how the debt ecosystem and debt market inspired him to work on his own startup. He elaborates on the platform Yubi is building an infrastructure where both sides of the market can work co-cordially. The Yubi has been built in three layers. The first layer is a platform where one has to integrate with Yubi and then you don’t have to integrate with any other body. The second layer, which is on the protocol layer has been a multi-product so depending on what you want to choose in the marketplace, one can interoperate between products. And lastly, the third layer is the SAS layer.  

Yubi is the first one to create a Trifecta model. He further explains the meaning behind the name Yubi and why he made a change from Cred. He told us the backstory behind the name Yubi which means ubiquitous, as a company they wanted to be ubiquitous just like air. UB being present all across but invisible was the main idea behind the name change. On being asked about his mantra for success which could inspire the budding entrepreneur he told us two things that have to be taken into account. First is that you have to be authentic and second is to focus. Once you adopt both, it is a perfect mix of the attitude of an entrepreneur. He further laid an emphasis on vision strategy and shared this idea of it.

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